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Th'owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish
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TH’OWXIYA: THE HUNGRY FEAST DISH (A Play in Mask) by Joseph A. Dandurand, is representative of the next chapter for Axis Theatre Company. The play is written to share a Kwantlen First Nations legend, that of Th’owxiya, a powerful character that represents Mother Earth and what happens when a hungry young Mouse steals from her feast dish. Reminiscent of the classic Hansel and Gretel or the First Nations tale of the wild woman of the woods, this new play is especially suitable for young audiences and emphasizes that it is our responsibility to give back to the earth what we take or future generations will suffer the consequences.

This particular legend focuses on the Mouse’s journey to find two child spirits to sacrifice to Th’owxiya. If he fails, his entire family will be eaten. On his quest to find these spirits, he encounters two young Bears, a worm-eating Raven and a chorus of sound that teach the Mouse sharp lessons yet give him new knowledge. He finds alternate gifts to keep Th’owxiya happy and forgiving. But he must present them before the moon rises or it will be too late, his entire journey will be in vain!

The playwright is a heritage land officer and lives a daily responsibility to preserve his peoples land, traditions and stories. He wrote the play to share this compelling tale from the Kwantlen people, a tale about living in harmony with the earth. He wanted the lessons to speak to an audience of all ages. He also wants us to laugh.

The story delves into the past from a traditional indigenous perspective, embraces the present by exploring issues around the environment and climate change, and faces the future by offering a solution that encourages discussion and action. This production will be available for touring to locations in BC in the 2017-18 season - don't miss out on this mystical production when it premieres in June 2017 at the UBC Botanical Gardens.

Live Performance Link: Click Here

Home Base: British Columbia


Axis Theatre Company
Daune Campbell
1405 Anderson St., 2nd floor
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3R5

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