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Candy Bones Theatre - IDEAS BOBERT!
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"that was the best show I've ever seen"- Stella Roberts age 6

"wonderfully bizarre"- global TV

“Sweet, funny and fresh”- Jacqueline Receveur; Coordinator, Cultural Programming & Events/ Granville Island

From award winning creator Candy Roberts comes a whimsical brew of physical comedy and conundrum.

Do you listen to the cogs that whirr in your head or the song of your fluttering heart? Meet Bobert, a ridiculous fellow with a bird for a heart that lives in his chest! Throughout the story Bobert engages the audience in exploring his silly and entertaining solutions to his simple “problems", and eventually pays the consequence for not listening to his heart.

Ages 4 and up

50 minutes/ no intermission

Creativity workshops in Tap dance, puppetry and physical theatre available!

Themes: creative thinking, listening to your heart, connection, and self expression

About the Artist
Candy Roberts was the 2014 recipient of the Mayor’s Arts Award for her work in creativity and community. She is Vancouver’s only tap-dance ukulele instructor and the band leader of the critically acclaimed Myrtle Family Band. After 10 years plus of writing, producing and physical comedy creating with Jessie Award nominated Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, Candy ventures forward as Artistic Director of Candy Bones Theatre, a platform for creating original theatre, event entertainment and creativity workshops for all ages.

Home Base: British Columbia

Touring Schedule: Click here


Candy Bones Theatre
Candy Roberts
2583 William Street
Vancouver, BC
V5K 2Y3

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