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Entertaining Children. How tough can it be?

Like many actors, Jeff Leard spent two years in a children’s theatre company, playing countless gymnasiums. He interweaves his own outrageous adventures with those of his comrades in this high-energy, hilarious road trip. His commanding presence compels you to believe every word he speaks and the audience can almost feel, smell, and see the squalor of the hotel rooms, the chaos of a gymnasium and those unexpected moments only the innocence of childhood (and the stupidity of outlaw bikers) can deliver.
“One of the all time great fringe performances I’ve ever witnessed” Calgary Herald

This is one of those special shows that comes by every once in a while that has something special in it that affects everyone. We can all recognize the passion, the ambition, the learning curve and the realities of a performers life. A very sympathetic, fun adventure with one of the most heart-warming endings you will ever see.

Jeff honed his skill on the Fringe circuit playing across Canada over the last few years with several shows. This one is available in a one hour version and a 90 minute version with intermission. The longer version includes stories that were edited for fringe festival time length restrictions.

A graduate of the University of Victoria, Jeff lived in Toronto when not on the road and is now living in Vancouver and continuing to write, develop new shows, and act.

Most recently, starring in "The Call Went Out". A show developed around letters from WW1 soldiers which toured BC and is being filmed for the Royal BC Archives and The Story Theatre Company.

Live Performance Link: Click Here

Showcase Artist: Pacific Contact 2016

Home Base: British Columbia


Story Theatre Company
Patricia O'Brien
1291 Gladstone Ave.
Victoria, BC
V8T 1G5

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