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JAPANESE PROBLEM invites an audience into a stall, which residents have turned into a temporary home and place of wonder, as they are filled with the uncertainty of their next destination.

The piece exists in the contemporary moment simultaneously, where evidence of Hastings Parks’s former tenants has been erased, where survivors are uncertain if they want their names included in a memorial; and where refugees to North America are being treated in a fashion that is terrifyingly familiar.

JAPANESE PROBLEM is a title derived from the nomenclature of WWII, but containing in it the understanding that the citizens affected at the time were neither Japanese--they were overwhelmingly legal residents/citizens of Canada, nor problematic--with zero verifiable connections to activities against Canada.

Universal Limited is a collective who works to uncover hidden stories in unusual locations. We work collectively to write and design our shows as experiences that are accessible to all. Previously they built the pedicab adventure Tour in Vancouver (premiering as part of the Cultural Olympiad/HIVE 3), Victoria (TheatreSKAM), and Toronto (SummerWorks), telling the hidden histories of previous residents--from First Nations, to waves of immigration, to the current stories buried beneath previously-familiar neighbourhoods. For JAPANESE PROBLEM Yoshié Bancroft and Joanna Garfinkel set out to tell the unacknowledged story of the Japanese Canadian Incarceration at Hastings Park, interviewing the incredible, resilient survivors and families who are grappling with the legacy of the Incarceration. The creators believe that our country, province, and city’s legacies of racially-motivated uncompensated labour, exclusion and dispersal must never be forgotten.

Home Base: British Columbia

Touring Schedule: Click here


Universal Limited Theatre
Yoshié Bancroft
305 - 2321 Scotia St.
Vancouver, BC
V5T 0A8

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