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Tim Tamashiro & Tommy Banks
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Tommy Banks is easily one of Canada’s most accomplished people. He’s hosted television and radio shows. He’s chaired foundations and conducted orchestras. He’s a Officer of the Order of Canada. Tommy is a retired Canadian Senator. It’s time to remind the world that he’s a damn fine piano player too.

Tim Tamashiro is one of Canada’s most trusted voices in jazz. He hosts the radio show Tonic on CBC Radio 2 six nights each week across Canada. He’s performed for royalty. He’s been awarded an honorary degree. It’s time to remind the world that he’s a damn fine singer too. More on Tim Tamashiro here.

When Tommy and Tim perform music they remind their audience that music is joy shared with others. They perform music that is familiar and friendly. They kibitz and laugh. Perhaps the most special parts of Tommy and Tim’s shows are the spaces between the songs where they share personal stories.

Tommy Banks and Tim Tamashiro
have a very special show that puts just the two of them on stage. Just a grand piano and two microphones is all they need. They’ll provide a consummate evening of joyful entertainment. Don’t be fooled by the size of their ensemble. When it’s Tommy and Tim, less is more.

Home Base: British Columbia


The Jeff Turner Entertainment Group
Jeff Turner
1104-207 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H7
604-662-4144 ext 221

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